This project is being designed, built and operated to minimize waste and maximize efficiency to achieve Green Mark Gold Plus as follows:

– Energy efficient cooling system shall be used. High COP (>4), Small footprint VRV systems shall be used for large office spaces.

– CO2 sensors and variable speed drives shall be used to moderate fresh air intake to offices, thereby reducing leakage of cooled air.

– Lighting systems shall be regulated by DayLight and motion sensors.

– An Intelligent Building Management Systems shall be installed to moderate and monitor Building Services for long term efficiency. Programmable Lighting Control and High Lighting Efficacy LED will ensure that actual operation of M&E systems will match actual usage especially during off-office hours.

– Provision for accessibility, maintenance and plant replacement of all M&E services with areas for future expansion for new technologies.

– Offices and meeting rooms are being retrofitted for a condusive working environment with extensive greenery and water pools to reduce the urban heat island effect, also providing a respite from work.