153 – 155 Kitchener Road

Proposed Conservation and Additions & Alterations to the Existing 2-Storey with Attic Conserved Buildings and a New 6-Storey Rear Extension comprising og Restaurant Use at 1st Storey, Shop Use on 2nd Storey and Office Use at 3rd to 6th Storey on Lot 99085P TS 17.

11 Kim Chuan Terrace

Proposed Erection of a Block of 6-Storey Single User Light Industrial Factory with Ancillary Workers Dormitory, Attic and Sky Terrace on MK23 Lot 04713M at 11 Kim Chuan Terrace Singapore 537034 on Lot(s) 04713M MK23

Facility Building

Contract TR243 consists of the construction and completion of architectural, civil and structural and building services works for a new 2-storey Control Centre Facility Building (CCFB) with 2 basements at Bukit Timah Road which will provide administration, maintenance, operational and support facilities. CCFB includes an Operation Control Centre, Server Room, M&E plant rooms, offices, lift […]

KAH Center

This project comprises of construction of 1 Block of Part 4-Storey and Part 10-Storey Multi-User Industrial Building With Car Park from Basement 1 to 3rd Storey and Sky Terraces at 4th to 10th Storey at Senang Crescent. This will be a mixed development consisting of a childcare centre, offices and premises for industrial/ancillary usage.

LTA Bedok Campus

This project is being designed, built and operated to minimize waste and maximize efficiency to achieve Green Mark Gold Plus as follows: – Energy efficient cooling system shall be used. High COP (>4), Small footprint VRV systems shall be used for large office spaces. – CO2 sensors and variable speed drives shall be used to […]

CHIJ St Joseph Convent School

Proposed construction of a new 2-Storey Indoor Sports Hall and other ancillary works to CHIJ St Joseph Convent School, Nan Chiau High School and Woodlands Secondary School under ISH Package 2F. The ISH provides schools with greater flexibility to schedule Physical Education (PE) lessons. With an ISH, schools can conduct PE or co-curricular programmes throughout […]